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How To See Hidden Photos Of Anyone On Facebook


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How to see someone's hidden photos on Facebook.
Once I say hidden photos that don't mean you can see someone's private photos.

You are limited to see what a Facebook user shares with you or with the public.

You can't alter the privacy setting on any other user.

Hidden photos mean photos which are hidden to you but these photos are public somewhere.

Basically, these are tagged photos where the user is tagged by their friends or anyone which are already public.

Facebook does offer graph search for different types of search where you can strictly search for particular information which is public.

Follow these steps to see hidden photos on anyone on Facebook.

1. Go to user's timeline whose photos you want to uncover.

2. Copy the profile link like www.facebook.com/username

3. Now you have to find the numeric ID of that user.

To do so go to http://findmyfbid.in or any other site where you can find numeric ID.

4. Paste the Profile URL to the Find My FB ID and copy the ID.

5. Now go to the address bar of your browser and make it like-


6. Now replace the numeric_id with the user's ID.

7. Hit enter and this search will fetch you all the public photos which are public including the photos where the user is tagged.

Most of the time users hide their tagged photos from their timeline which you can't see by going to their timeline.

Now above method will show you their tagged photos.

How to hide your tagged photos from these search?

Once you get tagged into a photo then just do not hide it from the timeline but delete that tag if you don't want other's to see your bad picture.

Read in details- https://stalkfb.com

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